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Curriculum Vitae  


University of California, Santa Barbara

Assistant Professor of English, July 2015-present

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Ph.D. in Literature, May 2015

Dissertation: “Wild Blue Media: Thinking Through Seawater.”
Committee: Katherine Hayles (co-chair), Mark Hansen (co-chair), Rey Chow, Priscilla Wald.
Graduate Certificate in Information Science and Information Studies
Graduate Certificate in College Teaching

University of California, Davis

B.A. in English, Highest Honors. June 2008

Thesis: “Navigating with Metaphor: At Home in the Cybernetic Theater of Consciousness.”
Advisor: Colin Milburn.

Areas of Expertise

Twentieth and Twenty-first Century American Fiction and Science Fiction, Science Studies, New Media Studies, Ocean and Environmental Humanities

Awards and fellowships

Katherine Goodman Stern Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Graduate School, Duke University, 2014-2015.
Full Tuition Scholarship, Program in Literature, Duke University, 2009-2014.                                         
James B. Duke Graduate Fellowship, Graduate School, Duke University, 2009-2013.
Summer Research Fellowship, Graduate School, Duke University, 2014.
Summer Research Fellowship, Graduate School, Duke University, 2012.
NEH Summer Institute Fellowship, “John Steinbeck: Voice for America,” San Jose State University, 2011.
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Grant, Open University of Hong Kong, 2008-2009.
Elliot Gilbert Memorial Prize, Best Undergraduate Honors Critical Thesis, English Dept., UC Davis, 2008.
Friends of English Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, English Dept., UC Davis, 2008.
Sigma Tau Delta, an International English Honors Society, English Dept., UC Davis, 2008.
Full Tuition Regents Scholarship, UC Davis, 2004-2008.
Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship, UC Davis, 2004-2008.

Invited Talks

“Thinking Underwater,” Society of Duke Fellows guest lecture, Duke University, Durham NC, September 2014.
“Writing Ecology in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide,” Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, NC, August 2013.
“Conducting Life: The Underwater Films of Jean Painlevé,” guest lecture in “Introduction to Oceanography,” Dr. Apurva Dave, Duke University, Durham NC, March 2013.
“Conducting Life: The Underwater Films of Jean Painlevé,” Undergraduate Winter Forum, Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, NC, January 2013.
“Science and Surrealism in the films of Jean Painlevé,” Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, NC, July 2011.

Conference Papers

“Diving the Interface, or, Cousteau as Media Theorist,” Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), Dallas, TX, October 2014. Presenter.

“Glissant and the Blue Humanities: Black Beach, Black Salt, Abyss,” American Comparative Literature Association Conference (ACLA), New York, NY, March 2014. Presenter.

“Noise Pollution: Anthropo(s)cenes Beyond Geologic Thought,” Anthropocene Feminism Conference, Institute for Twenty-first Century Studies, Milwaukee, WI, April 2014. Presenter.

“Considering Water: The Anthropocene and the Media of Planetary Memory,” Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference (SLSA), Notre Dame, IN, September 2013. Presenter.

“How to do Things with Underwater Perspective,” American Comparative Literature Association Conference (ACLA), Toronto, Ontario Canada, April 2013. Presenter.

“Diving into Flusser’s Vampyroteuthis: a Fable of Media Ecology,” Society for Literature Science and the Arts Conference (SLSA), Milwaukee, WI, September 2012. Presenter.

“Cephalopods and Surrealism in the Fictional Science of Vilém Flusser and Jean Painlevé,” EXPLORA: International Conference, “Into the Deep: Monstrous Creatures, Alien Worlds,” Toulouse, France, June 2012. Presenter.

“Surface, Depth, Abyss: Cognitive Estrangement in Ocean Science Fiction” American Studies Association Conference (ASA), Baltimore, MD, October 2011. Presenter.

“It Becomes You: Exploring the Oceans in Digital Media,” Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment Conference (ASLE), Bloomington, IN, June 2011. Presenter.

“ATLASES in silico: Exploring the Virtual Oceans” Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference (SLSA), Indianapolis, IN, November 2010. Presenter.

“Tentative Prostheses: Early modern diving technology and the production of ocean space,” Duke Romance Studies Conference, Durham, NC, September 2010. Presenter.            

Conferences and Seminars Organized

Seminar Co-organizer, “Edouard Glissant: Totality and Poetics of Relation,” American Comparative Literature Association Conference (ACLA), New York, NY, March 2014.
Co-Organizer, “GradX,” Second Annual Society of Duke Fellows Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Conference, Duke University, April 2014.
Co-Organizer, “GradX,” First Annual Society of Duke Fellows Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Conference, Duke University, April 2013.
Co-Organizer, “Convergence 2012: the Geo/Body Politics of Emancipation,” First Conference of the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, Duke University,November 2012.
Co-Organizer, “Marxism and New Media Conference,” Graduate Program in Literature, Duke University, January 2011.

Other Professional Experience

Co-President, Society of Duke Fellows, Duke University, 2012-2014.                          
Co-Coordinator, Ocean Policy Working Group, Duke University Center for International Studies, 2012-2013.
Co-Curator, “Recording the Anthropocene,” Exhibition in Perkins Library, Duke University, 2012-2013.                     
Student Liaison, Graduate/Faculty Committee, Program in Literature, Duke University, 2010-2012.
Member, Polygraph Journal, Editorial Collective, Duke University, 2010-present.                  
Research Assistant, Professor Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Program in Literature, Duke University, Spring 2010.              
Research Assistant, Professor Katherine Hayles, Program in Literature, Duke University, Fall 2009.
Founder, Alpha Pi Zeta chapter of Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, UC Davis, 2008.


Fluency in English. Working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and German.

Professional Affiliations

American Studies Association
Association for the Study of Literature & Environment
Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory
Modern Language Association
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts
Society for Social Studies of Science